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Business Lunches

Breakfast Menu

Sausage or Bacon Barms with tomato and brown sauces


Mixed Croissants & Danish Pastries

with a selection of jams and marmalade

Fruit Yogurts, Fresh Fruit Platter


Add-on Drinks: cans, fruit juices & smoothies


Lunch Menu

An Assortment of Sandwiches on Baguettes,

Rustic Breads, and Tortilla Wraps filled with

Roast Beef, Roast Ham, Roast Turkey,

Tuna Mayonnaise,

Cheese & Egg Mayonnaise

Assorted Mini Quiche, Chicken Goujons

Spring Rolls with Chilli Dip

Veg Crudites & Houmous

Fresh Fruit Kebabs


Vegan Platter

Mixed Falafels, Mediterranean Salad

Curried Chickpeas, Marinated Tofu

Mixed Olives and Sundried Tomatos

Veg Crudites & Houmous

Rainbow Fruit Skewers


Our menus are intended as a guide only

and items can be substituted on mutual agreement

Quality Food Fayre cannot guarantee food is free

from nuts or other allergens